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Last Updated on October 18, 2020 by Zac Phua

Hey! This is Zac from Wise Solopreneur Hub.

Regardless of how you found Wise Solopreneur Hub’s resource section, I want to take a moment to thank you for coming across my blog and giving me a chance to serve you.

If you decide to launch and grow an online business with a minimal cost, this post is for you.

I have revealed all the best online business tools and resources I use to run my business profitably. The best part of it is that most of them are either FREE or just cost you a small number of fees.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

I am a proud affiliate for most of these tools and mentioned them a lot in my blog.

That said, I do include my affiliate links for each tool that I’m an affiliate of, which means I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you.

There’s no hype or fluff here – I recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and trustworthy, not because of the small commission I can make if you choose to buy something.

Suppose you aren’t comfortable purchasing through my affiliate links, you could open a new window tab and head over to their official websites directly without my affiliate ID. 

Also, make sure you only make wise investments in the tools specific to your needs/requirements.

Without writing any longer, let’s get started my top 7 hand-picked tools & resources that I love using all the time…

My Top 7 Hand-Picked Tools & Resources

1) Wealthy Affiliate Is #1 Online Learning Platform For Affiliate Marketing

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I have bought many online courses, and the consequent is guessable. Most of them turned out to be overhyped programs.

Ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I never spend a second thinking about other programs again. 

Wealthy Affiliate has over delivered the values to their members, and when I say they over delivered, I really mean it. They have provided every essential tool and resource you need to start a thriving affiliate marketing business

All in all, you will get 4 incredible benefits from Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Thorough training guides you to start a profitable affiliate marketing business.
  2. State-of-art software like website hosting, keyword research tool, and website manager.
  3. Responsive 24/7 support, and private access to the Co-Founders for constructive advice to further shorten your learning curve.
  4. Active community with numerous successful online marketers who’d happy to help whenever you have questions.

As for their pricing, WA’s premium membership will only cost you $49/month or $495/year (save $93). 

However, they have free starter membership for you to try out their program before you consider becoming their premium member. So, there’s nothing for you to lose.

2) Elementor PRO Is #1 For Building Beautiful Website

Building a website is an overwhelming or labor-extensive task a decade ago. But with today’s technology, it’s no longer exclusive to tech-savvy anymore. Everyone can be awesome web designers with the help of the right tool.

Elementor is the best WordPress website builder I’ve ever used. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to design a visual-appealing WordPress website using the simple ‘drag-and-drop’ feature.

If you want to have 100% control over your website’s appearance without spending thousands of dollars hiring a professional programmer, Elementor is definitely worth a shot. It’s the real game-changer for non-techies.

3) ConvertKit Is #1 For Building Your Email List 

The Money Is In The List!

This is one of the well-known proverbs of internet marketing. The phrase describes your email list playing a vital role in long-term online business success.

Indeed, according to one study by Email Marketing Gold, they revealed that the ROI of email marketing could be up to $40 for every dollar spent. Not sure about you, but that sounds like a pretty good deal with me.

When it comes to list building, ConvertKit is my go-to email service provider because of its robust yet easy-to-navigate features.

4) Canva Is #1 For Creating Eye-Catching Graphics As A “Photoshop Illiterate Person”

I create/edit all the images of the blog post you are reading right this second with Canva.
I create/edit all the images of the blog post you are reading right this second with Canva.

I guess you might hear of Canva or even already using it. If you haven’t, you definitely want to check it out.

It’s a popular graphic design tool recommended by hundreds of thousands of people, simply because it’s FREE and easy to use (unlike Photoshop).

5) Grammarly Is #1 Online Grammar Checker

Grammarly is my top preferred grammar checker to help me avoid embarrassing grammatical errors, correct my spelling, check plagiarism, and enhance my vocabulary.

As an overseas Chinese in Malaysia, English is my second language, and I even failed in the English exam several times in my junior high school.

If you think that my English writing is good at this point or at least you understand my words, I owe it to Grammarly. Without this tool, my blogging career won’t go far (I’m dead serious).

6) Notion Is #1 Productivity Software To Help You Get Things Organized

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Notion

We all know that time management and productivity are the core elements of success, especially if we work as a solopreneur.

Taking notes and planning upfront with traditional pen and paper are great. But one of the major downsides of this approach is that it lacks efficiency because you might have multiple notebooks with important information mess all over the place.

But with Notion, you can take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and literally everything that helps you get things organized in one place and hold yourself accountable

Still confused about what Notion is? Why not try it yourself (free to sign up), and I’m sure you will get appealed into its helpful features that could max out your productivity.

7) Ubersuggest Is #1 For Keyword Research

Ubersuggest is the most cost-effective keyword research tool I’ve ever used, created by an admirable internet marketer, Neil Patel.

Many premium keyword research tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMush are charging $70~$80+ per month (billed annually).

But Ubersuggest premium plans and pricing are as low as $12 for the monthly subscription, and $120 one-time payment for their lifetime offer.

So, Ubersuggest is extremely affordable, yet it’s very powerful in its functions bear comparison to other premium keyword tools that just mentioned.

Other Best Online Business Tools & Resources

Domain Name & Web Hosting


Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Namecheap

Namecheap is the only marketplace I go to whenever I want to get a new domain name for a new website

The reason is pretty straight forward. I found that their pricing is relatively cheap compared to other domain name registrars.


Best Online Business Tools & Resources - SiteRubix

SiteRubix is a great website hosting platform developed by Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I host all my sites, including this one.

You can host up to 10 websites (with different custom domains) as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member. 

Even if you aren’t, they will also provide you 2 subdomain websites for FREE in the first 6 months. I guess that more than enough time for you to consider whether you’re serious about your business or not.

👇Try SiteRubix For Free👇

7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Plugin #1: Rank Math SEO

An SEO plugin is a non-negotiable to optimize your WordPress website for better ranking on the search engine results page

There are 2 major SEO plugins in the past – Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO. But since Rank Math came out in 2019, it steals the limelight of these 2 SEO heavyweights. 

It becomes the fastest-growing SEO plugin, with half a million active installations and averaging 4.9/5-star (based on 1,869 reviews) when writing this article.

Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO are excellent plugins. Still, Rank Math is certainly a no-brainer because it provides so many useful features for FREE, and some are only included in the paid version of the 2 former plugins.

Set-Up Tips: Here’s a great article from Rank Math that guides you on setting up the plugin correctly.

Plugin #2: TinyPNG

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - TinyPNG

Site speed is one of the crucial factors that determine your SEO performance because search engines like Google care about the user experience so much. If your website load ridiculously slow, it won’t rank well.

Compressing your images is an effective way to speed up your page loading speed, and TinyPNG is my favorite image compressor that will automatically optimize all your images on upload.

Plugin #3: WP Revision Control

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - WP Revision Control
WP Revision Control

Every time you create and edit a new post, WordPress will auto-save the revisions every 60 seconds, which allows you to undo changes and go back to an earlier version of your content.

This feature is necessary to prevent you from losing your entire content when bad thing like the browser crash happens while writing.

But the hidden issue with this feature is that it might lead to slower queries once there’re too many revisions overloaded in one database.

That’s why we need a plugin like WP Revision Control to limit the number of revisions for each page and posts.

Set-Up Tips: After installing WP Revision Control, go to Settings >> Writing. Set the number of revisions of Pages and Posts to 3~5, and click ‘Save’.

Plugin #4: Autoptimize

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Autoptimize

Autoptimize is another great optimization plugin specifically built to speed up your site by minifying HTML, CSS, and JS files

As it doesn’t do with any HTML page caching, so rest assured that it will not cause any plugin conflicts.

Set-Up Tips:

After installing Autoptimize, make sure the following boxes are checked:

  • Optimize HTML Code
  • Optimize JavaScript Code
  • Aggregate JS files
  • Optimize CSS Code
  • Aggregate CSS Files
  • Aggregate Inline CSS
  • Lazy-Load Images

Plugin #5: Pretty Links

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Pretty Links
Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a handy link cloaking plugin that is used to shorten and cloak the URLs.

This plugin is essential because affiliate marketing is a big part of Wise Solopreneur Hub’s business. You might know that most affiliate links full of strange parameters, making it looks scammy. 

Example of Garbled Affiliate Link
Example of Garbled Affiliate Link

In addition to customers are less likely to click on such links, some studies also claimed that Google doesn’t like ugly default affiliate links.

That’s why we need Pretty Links to help us cloak our affiliate links to make it more visual-appealing and enhance user experience. 

Other than that, Pretty Links also enables you to manage all links in one place and track their performance for later optimization.

Plugin #6: Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

🡺 WordPress’s default Gutenberg block editor only comes with some of the basic elements like “Paragraph”, “Heading”, “Quote”, etc. 

With Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, just like its name tells, it enhanced the Gutenberg block library with more advanced blocks like “Posts Carousel”, “Multi Buttons”, “Restaurant Menu”, and more. 

Plugin #7: Advanced Editor Tools

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Advanced Editor Tools
Advanced Editor Tools

Text editing within WordPress has many limitations. By using Advanced Editor Tools, it enhances the text editor with more formatting options that you can utilize to create more engaging blog posts. (i.e. underline text, change the font color, add strike lines to words, and more).

WordPress Theme(s)

GeneratePress Theme

Loading speed is my first requirement when choosing a WordPress theme, whereas its customizability and design always come second.

GeneratePress is my preferred free theme upon some research and testing in the past, which is super lightweight and customize-powered

Marketing Tool(s)

OneSignal Push Notifications

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - OneSignal Push Notifications
OneSignal Push Notifications

Once your site is getting steady SEO traffic, it’s time to diversify your traffic sources, never put all eggs in one basket.

Besides collecting emails with ConvertKit, the web push notification is also a great way to lure back visitors to your site. This method is kinda like an untapped strategy because not many people talk about it.

With so many push notification providers out there, I would wholeheartedly recommend OneSignal to you because of its brilliant features and generous limits.

Just in case you don’t know anything about push notification, I am pretty sure you ever noticed a small pop-up when browsing a particular website, asking if you would like to receive the latest news and updates from them.

Example of Web Push Notification (Credit: Ferdy Korpershoek's official website)
Example of Web Push Notification (Credit: Ferdy Korpershoek’s official website)

If you subscribed, you would get notified of their newly published posts. That’s the so-called “Web Push Notification”, which is a very effective “soft ask” opt-in.

Other Useful Internet Marketing Resources

Ubersuggest Free Digital Marketing Training

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Ubersuggest Free Digital Marketing Training
Ubersuggest Free Digital Marketing Training

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Ubersuggest is my favorite keyword research tool.

Besides providing you helpful features to improve your website SEO health, they also offer a lot of FREE digital marketing training (included with case studies), showing you the proven tips to grow your online business with SEO.

Secret Trilogy by Russell Brunson

Best Online Business Tools & Resources - Secret Trilogy Books
Secret Trilogy by Russell Brunson

Secrets Trilogy refers to the 3 marketing books by one of my most respected idols in the digital marketing space – Russell Brunson. Namely, Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets

Pretend that you are anything like me who is obsessed with internet marketing. These 3 books should be on your reading list as they work hand in hand to give you a deep insight into building a long-lasting online business with a sales funnel.

If you’ve not heard of Secret Trilogy, I urge you to check them out because you’ll gain a ton of “mind-blowing” knowledge from these books.​

Marketing Secrets Podcast

Marketing Secrets Podcast by Russell Brunson
Marketing Secrets Podcast by Russell Brunson

Marketing Secrets podcast is run by Russell Brunson as well. 

This is where you can discover the sales funnel marketing secrets, how to get your messages out to the world and transform people’s lives with your products while generating wealth.

Smart Passive Income Blog & Podcast

Smart Passive Income
Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast are founded by another world-famous internet marketer, Pat Flynn. 

These 2 platforms provide a lot of informative online marketing resources. They are the places where I will look for more advanced tips and advice regarding affiliate marketing (my primary income source).

Born To Impact Podcast

Born To Impact Podcast
Born To Impact Podcast

A slightly different from other podcasts that I just mentioned, the Born To Impact podcast by Joel Marion is more toward giving you the clear and actionable steps to cultivate the right mindset and live a more fulfilled life.

Suppose you feel miserable and wholly lost right now. This podcast might help.

Conclusion: How Much Do I Spend On My Business Every Day?

As you can notice from the tools and resources that I listed above, every single one of them is FREE to get started. 

However, I do invest in some of these tools because I’m serious about my business, and I want to get more advanced functions to run my business smoothly.

So, here’s my total expenditure:

Website Domain + WA Yearly Membership + ConvertKit + Elementor + Grammarly + Canva

= $13 + $495 + ($25 x 12 months) + $99 + $140 + $120

= $1167 per year

= $97.25 per month

= $3.24 per day

Please note, as I have upgraded to Ubersuggest’s lifetime offer for a $120 one-time payment (no monthly fees), this expense is considered waived off.

From the calculation above, it proves that running an online business isn’t anything like a traditional business, which requires you to have hefty upfront funding before you can really think about open a physical store. In contrast, it’s super affordable. 

Nevertheless, I know that $1,000+ a year might scare some people out, but after I further break the number down to daily expenditure, it’s just cost me $3.24 per day to start an online business, and this price is even lower than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

If you think online business is not for you because it’s “pricey”, maybe you need to change your perspective of how you look at things.

Still Confused? Why Not Take WA As Your Jump-Off Point?

Inevitably, you could get overwhelmed with tons of information given to you at once, and you don’t know where to start. 

If you desperately need guidance to help you get started in online business, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate

As I said earlier, my internet marketing career took a massive shift after I found this amazing platform. They will provide every needed tool, resource, and support to help you build a thriving online business that lasts long.

So wait no more, take Wealthy Affiliate Free Training Course today, and start learning by doing.

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