13 Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping (Paid & Free)

Last Updated on October 24, 2020 by Zac Phua

Dropshipping is one of the most beginner-friendly online business opportunities, and it has shown massive growth over the last decade. The data from Google Trend can easily prove this.

Public interest In Dropshipping over the past 5 years, as seen on Google Trend (screenshotted on 6 Oct 2020).
Public interest In Dropshipping over the past 5 years, as seen on Google Trend (screenshotted on 6 Oct 2020).

Ever since the rising of internet gurus and the virus outbreaks, all these surely boom again the popularity of dropshipping.

That said, whoever wants to learn to make money online, dropshipping would be on the top of their trying list.

In this article, I have listed over 10 best paid and free product research tools for dropshipping, which you might be interested in using to quickly get yourself the best potential products.

Without further ado, let’s get started with some fundamentals first – What is a product research tool, and is it worth your money?

Affiliate Disclaimer: This article includes my affiliate links, which may provide a small commission to me if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you!). I recommend them to you because they’re companies that I’ve found helpful and trustworthy. You can read my full affiliate disclaimer here.

What Is A Product Research Tool? Is It Worth Your Investment (Brutally Honest Answer)

Product Research Tool, as its name tells, it’s a tool that allows you to explore the trending products that are selling well on the market right now

Meanwhile, most of them even let you spy the hot products that generate lucrative revenues for your competitors so that you can “steal” the products and reverse engineer the marketing approach to generate more sales for yourself.

Product research is important, yet not the most crucial success factor

Before we get any further, let me brutally honest to tell you that investing in a premium product research tool is NOT NECESSARY. 

This is because selecting a “winning product” is not the sure-shot formula for dropshipping success. 

Frankly, the so-called “winning product” strategy is totally BS to me because I always believe how you market the product matters most

In most cases, people quit/fail in dropshipping because they aren’t experienced in running ads profitably and losing moneydespite how great their product is.

Let’s face it. The dropshipping business depends A LOT on paid advertising. 

You might already know that running paid ads isn’t an easy task – it requires a good amount of knowledge and experience to run profitable ad campaigns.

That said, just because you know a particular product works well for someone, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too.


You will never know if they are better than you at marketing the product, that’s why they are getting decent results.

I am, however, do invest in a product research tool.

The only reason I choose to invest in a product research tool is that it’s a big time-saver since it already did all the diligent works for me, so I don’t need to take the extra route in researching products.

Pretend that you are still a complete newbie in paid advertising. I would rather advise you to well-spend your money on trusty online courses to master your marketing skills first, while utilizing the free product research tactics I’m about to share with you. 

This way, I believe it could minimize the risk of losing your entire budget. 

Now, let’s delve into my top 2 favorite product research tools (paid & free) that I love using all the time…

My Top 2 Favourite Product Research Tools

Sell The Trend Is #1 Premium Dropshipping Spy Tool

~ Short Description ~

By far, Sell The Trend is the most cost-effective AI-based dropshipping spy tool that does more than just simple product research

This tool has superior features that pull real-time data from e-commerce heavyweights like AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify dropshipping stores, and even Facebook ads. 

After further analyzing the raw data, they will provide you the insightful information to discover the trending products. As yet, they have examined almost 6 million items and still counting.

All in all, here’s a list of key features that you can benefit from this tool:

~ Key Features ~

  • Nexus Explorer: They claimed this feature as the “holy grail” of finding winning products. It shows you the number of Shopify stores selling each particular product, see the sales history, and more.
  • Store Integration: Dashboard where you manage the products you imported from Sell The Trend, check the orders, etc.
  • Explorers: Discover trending products on AliExpress, Amazon, and Shopify Stores.
  • Store Intelligence: It allows you to spy any Shopify dropshipping store in your niche by giving you an estimation of their monthly traffic, average product price, monthly orders, and revenue. 
  • Video Ads Creator:  Allows you to create basic video slideshow ads.
  • Facebook Audience Builder: A set of data you can use to create a targeted FB audience that you will be running ads on.
  • Influencer Engagement: Help you to check the engagement rate of IG influencers, prevent you from wasting marketing dollars because of collaborating with low-quality influencers.
  • AliExpress Import List: Allows you to import AliExpress products straight to your Shopify store.
  • Online Courses: They have included courses that teach you the nitty-gritty of dropshipping and the actionable tips to run successful Facebook ad campaigns.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

The current membership price of Sell The Trend is $39.97/month

But you can save more money and get 2 months for free if you go for their annual package for $395.64/year (equivalent to $32.97/month).

Rest assured, they do offer a 7-day free trial so you can try their service first and risk no money.

Asify Is #1 Free Product Research Tool For Dropshipping

Best product research tool for dropshipping - Asify

Asify is a chrome extension that digs deep (and I mean really DEEP) inside every AliExpress product’s information. 

After installing Asify, you’ll get so many useful data while browsing AliExpress product pages.

Asify will provide numerous data insights to help you understand each AliExpress product better. (Pic 1)
Asify will provide numerous data insights to help you understand each AliExpress product better. (Pic 1)
Asify will provide numerous data insights to help you understand each AliExpress product better. (Pic 2)
Asify will provide numerous data insights to help you understand each AliExpress product better. (Pic 2)

This tool has 40,000+ active installations so far, with a 4.2/5-star rating (based on 60 customer ratings) on Chrome Web Store. 

Indeed, I can totally understand why this extension has a reputation that is second to none in the industry. It’s totally a no-brainer for me. I can 100% guarantee you’re required to pay for a fee to enjoy those advanced features with other product research tools.

But with Asify, you get them all for FREE and unlimited uses! No registration needed, no trial period, you can use it right away after one-click installation.

Here’s a great video from a fellow dropshipping expert – James Beattie, showing you how to use Asify to conduct thorough product research on AliExpress.

8 Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping (PREMIUM)

Paid Tool #1: EcomHunt 

~ Short Description ~

EcomHunt might be the most well-known product research tool, not because it’s the best, but in terms of the number of ads they have published across social media, and many dropshipping experts/YouTubers mentioned it a lot in their videos.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of EcomHunt because it doesn’t provide many features as opposed to Sell The Trend.

~ Key Features ~

  • They will manually add a certain number of new winning products every day.
  • Import the product to your store with Oberlo and sell right away.
  • Suggest the selling price of each product and evaluate the profit margin you could get.
  • Show you the total of stores selling a particular product – prevent you from oversaturated products.
  • Show you the Facebook ads with the highest conversion for each product, and find the target audience that will convert.
  • Customer reviews and ratings on that specific product, as seen on AliExpress.
  • Link to related Instagram influencers that you might consider to collab in promoting the product.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

➤ Free Plan: 

  • Very limited searches and data.
  • 5 saved products.
  • 3 days delay on new products.
  • No access to the community.
  • $0

➤ Pro Plan: 

  • Unlimited product research per day.
  • Full data access.
  • Unlimited saves.
  • Part of our private community.
  • Zero delay.
  • $29/month

Paid Tool #2: SaleSource 

Best product research tool for dropshipping - SaleSource

~ Short Description ~

SaleSource is another advanced dropshipping spy tool. I could say it’s the biggest rival of Sell The Trend, equipped with powerful features that enable you to conduct comprehensive product research.

One of the reasons I like this tool is that it highly targets the USA’s customer base, which means you can work with excellent suppliers who offer fast shipping to the country (within 7 days). With fast shipping, you’ll surely get happy customers and lower refund rate.

~ Key Features ~

  • As mentioned seconds ago, you can find top suppliers who provide quality-guaranteed products with fast shipping.
  • Spy competitor stores data (Shopify, Amazon, WordPress & many more).
  • Build your e-commerce store hassle-free with its innovative software.
  • Check the sales history of a product over the past 6 months.
  • Constantly renew daily trending products, which will get eliminated before they get saturated.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

➤ Free Trial: 

  • SaleSource has a 7-day free trial, and it’s an excellent opportunity for you to discover why many dropshippers willing to invest big bucks in their services.

➤ Paid Memberships: 

Essential Plan: 

  • Analyze 200 Products/mo
  • Unlimited Store Analysis
  • 100+ Million Products
  • Product Database
  • Product Score
  • Product & Store Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Store Database
  • Shopify Store Analyzer
  • Video Ad Finder
  • Chrome Extension
  • 100+ Extra Features
  • $49/month or $349/year (equivalent to $29/month)

Pro Plan: 

  • Everything included in the Essential plan + extra 300 product analysis, store review, and you’ll be provided with advertising support.
  • $99/month or $699/year (equivalent to $59/month)

Elite Plan: 

  • Everything included in the Pro plan + total 2500 product analysis.
  • $299/month or $2499/year (equivalent to $199/month)

Paid Tool #3: Niche Scraper

~ Short Description ~

Before I found Sell The Trend, Niche Scraper is the first product research tool that I used. It’s built by the former software engineer of Facebook – Eric Smith.

~ Key Features ~

  • Product Scraper: The section is where you can search for best-selling products on both AliExpress and other Shopify stores. You can also use their filtering options to narrow down the search results that show only the best potential products.
  • Hand-Picked Products: They will manually add products that tend to perform well every day. The given data and even their interface are very similar to EcomHunt.
  • Store Analysis: Shopify store analysis just by entering the website URL.
  • Video Ad Maker: Allows you to create a basic video slideshow for your Facebook ads.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

➤ Free Plan

  • Limited access to all features
  • 3 days delay on new winning hand-picked products.
  • Cannot block others from spying on your store.
  • $0

➤ Pro Free Plan

  • Discover trending products on AliExpress.
  • Unlimited access to the Facebook video ad maker.
  • Scrape a store’s best selling products.
  • Reveal estimated revenue of other stores.
  • Unlimited access to hand-picked products.
  • $39.00/Month or $199.00/Year

Paid Tool #4: AliShark 

~ Short Description ~

AliShark is a product research tool made by the creator of a prominent countdown timer Shopify app called ‘Hurrify‘. 

Work pretty much like Niche Scraper, AliShark specified in listing the AliExpress best-selling products on a real-time basis while allowing you to narrow down the products with comprehensive filters that only show the products with the best potential.

~ Key Features ~

  • Live Results: The server will update the products’ daily order number every hour.
  • Advanced Filters: Helps you to get the best potential products.
  • Detailed statistics of every product.
  • Top countries and dropshippers: Identify the hungry market for a particular product, and which dropshippers are crushing it with the product.
  • Matching Pages: Easily find the competitors selling the same product like yours, study their stores and ads so you can structure a better strategy to beat them.
  • Niche Researching: Helps you to choose a niche based on their profitability.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

➤ 2-day trial for $1, and then $20/month.

Paid Tool #5: E-Sniper

~ Short Description ~

E-Sniper is another product research tool recommended by many dropshipping gurus. 

~ Key Features ~

  • AliSniper: Product feed that shows you trending products based on Aliexpress daily sales, customer reviews, and you can import the product directly to your Shopify store with one click.
  • Top Stores: Spy on your competitors’ best selling products and their active Facebook ads.
  • Viralsniper: Helps to find the products that went viral and converting well for other dropshippers.
  • ShopSniper: Explore new trending products across all dropshipping stores. Let you discover potentially profitable products you can start testing when the competition is low.
  • Instasniper: It helps you find the most relevant Instagram influencers based on engagement rates to get the best returns.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

This tool will cost you $24/month or $240/year. You can get started with their 3-day trial for just $1.

Paid Tool #6: FindNiche

~ Short Description ~

FindNiche is another product research tool that collects the data from AliExpress and hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores worldwide, further analyzing them and turn them into human-readable stats.

~ Key Features ~

  • FindNiche analyzed more than 2 million products
  • Advanced filters help you to choose the best products and save your time.
  • Country-wise stats give you better insights into the top-performing countries, which is great when creating your ads that specific to certain countries.
  • One-click to see the exact product on AliExpress.
  • It helps you to choose a perfect niche.
  • Spy other related Shopify stores.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

FindNiche has 2 membership packages as yet. Namely, the Pro plan and Elite plan, which cost $29/month and $59/month, respectively. The latter one comes with 2 extra features (niche analysis & matched store sellers).

Paid Tool #7: Allfactor

Best product research tool for dropshipping - Allfactor

~ Short Description ~

Allfactor is a powerful tool that specializes in eCommerce product research rather than just dropshipping.

It aggregates billions of data from all eCommerce heavyweights (Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, etc.), and then provides you informative stats to better understand the whole market and optimize your marketing strategies to fit the current needs.

~ Key Features ~

  • Real-time data.
  • Detailed and insightful stats.
  • Identify emerging trends and new customer tastes.
  • Explore new growth across all eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.
  • Discover “winning products” on a real-time basis to boost your revenue.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

Allfactor membership will only cost you $19/month, and you can get started with their 3-day FREE trial to see if their services are in the right fit for you.

Paid Tool #8: ShopInspect

Best product research tool for dropshipping - ShopInspect

~ Short Description ~

ShopInspect is the last premium product research tool that worth mentioning in this article. 

Much like other dropshipping tools, ShopInspect also allows you to find best-selling products where they get from AliExpress, predict your sales, spy on trending Shopify stores, check the products they’re selling, as well as ad creatives and more.

~ Key Features ~

  • AdInspect: Research all the active ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Hot Trending Products: Apparently, this feature allows you to search for hot trending products on AliExpress.
  • Shopify Product Search: Search Shopify products to check their sales and how they are being promoted.
  • Shopify Shop Search: Spy your rivals’ Shopify stores, check their best-selling product, store traffic, and how they promote the products.
  • Top Shopify Stores: See the Top Selling Shopify stores in the world. Inspect their social media pages and how their Shopify store is set up.
  • Trending Shopify Stores: Identify for you the fastest-growing Shopify stores in the world. See how they are achieving their enormous growth.

~ Plans & Pricing ~

➤ Free Trial

  • ShopInspect does provide a 7-day free trial.

➤ Monthly Membership

  • Standard Plan: $39/Month
  • Legendary Plan: $47/Month

➤ Annual Membership

  • Standard Plan: $16/Month (Paid yearly)
  • Legendary Plan: $19/Month (Paid yearly)

The primary difference between Standard and Legendary plans is the quota of the mentioned features you could get.

3 Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping (FREE)

Free Tool #1: AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

Apparently, AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a product research tool developed by AliExpress.

You might already know that AliExpress is the go-to platform where you can source low-cost products to dropship and gain an ideal profit margin.

Thus, there’s no reason why we don’t take advantage of the free tool provided by the company because it will give you the most accurate data of each product available on their marketplace.

Free Tool #2: Google Trend

Best Product Research Tool For Dropshipping - Google Trend

Google Trend is a fantastic free tool provided by Google that allows you to check public interest towards a certain topic by region (country, state, and even city), categories, time range, and web search.

You can use this tool to research a product’s trend in a specific time range (i.e. past 12 months, 5 years, etc.) and discover the seasonal trend to cash on during the product’s peak sale seasons.

I suggest checking out the video below to see how Google Trend could help you in product research.

Free Tool #3: Facebook Search Strings

Best Product Research Technique - Facebook Search Strings

Facebook is not only a fantastic platform where you can engage with friends and family. It’s also a hidden gem for product research.

How? The answer: By using the buyer-intent search strings.

What I mean by that is you can enter some sort of keywords that trigger people to visit the vendor’s landing page and buy the product.

Here’s a list of search strings that I use to find the products with great potential:

  • Free Shipping
  • Buy now
  • 30% off 
  • 50% off
  • 60% off
  • Order here
  • Claim yours now
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Get it now
  • Get it here
  • Get yours now
  • Get yours
  • Grab yours now
  • Shop here
  • Click here
  • Order here
  • Buy it here
  • Order link
  • Tag A Friend
  • Tag a friend who would love this
  • Tag someone who needs this
  • Tag someone that would love this!

After entering any of these terms, simply head over to the video section, and you will see a lot of video ads from other sellers.  

Pro tips here: A great video ad will have a decent engagement (hundreds of likes, shares, comments from people). That’s a good sign showing the product might selling pretty well.

Besides, it would also help if you take the time to browse your competitor’s FB page and inspect how they manage their page, how they engage with their followers, and what other trending products they are selling right now.


Quite frankly, if you take time to read all the features that I listed down for each tool (especially the paid ones), they are largely identical, and there are no essential differences.

I could say that the major component you take into account when selecting the perfect tool is the price factor – Which tool provides you more useful features at the lowest price possible?

Obviously, I would recommend you choose ‘Sell The Trend‘ as it’s the most cost-effective product research tool I have ever used, and I have explained very clearly in the earlier section. 

Suppose you don’t want to invest in a paid tool yet. In that case, Asify is the unrivaled FREE product research tool you could get.

That being said, I would still recommend you to hone marketing skills before you venture into the world of dropshipping.

Invest your time and money to learn the art and science of online marketing and create the right offer to your targeted audiences. Otherwise, dropshipping (or even any kind of business) will never work for you.

I won’t give you the same old, outdated, and harmful advice like other gurus did, only for the small affiliate commissions I can make if you purchased those tools through my links. I genuinely want you to succeed by giving you the right suggestion.

Anyway, I am about to stop writing here, and I hope this article helps. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below, and I’d be happy to help you out. 

Sending my best wishes to your dropshipping success. Peace✌️

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